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Un savoir-faire unique

Art in the skin

It all starts with a brainstorm by our team.

Goal of the game? To find fantastic themes and to transmit them to you while varying the pleasures. Astronomy, painting, poetry, botany, astrology, feminism and history, our curiosity has no limits. Culture escapes and invites itself on your skins, your clothes, your bags and much more!

A Unique Know-How

Our visuals

Made with love by our illustrators, they are mainly inspired by famous works and characters we take to heart


We build all our contents with the purpose of sharing our discoveries. Each product can teach you something new.

Our challenge

To vary supports and feelings in order to create high-quality products, that will bring art in your daily life.


All our creations are made in France, by local partners, renowned for their responsiveness and incomparable expertise.

Our most beautiful products

Cultural ephemeral tattoos

Hypoallergenic and respecting the cosmetic safety standards. The inks are absolutely safe, the tattoos are easy to apply and remove.

Cultural pins & magnets

In soft touch' matte, for a soft touch.

Cultural perfumes

It is the fruit of a collaboration with a French independent creator - perfumer. His original creations are conceived for the happiness of your skin but also of your places for an olfaction full of sense!

Notre formidable histoire

Our formidable history

« Ce qu’il y a de plus profond en l’homme c’est la peau » (« What is the deepest in a man is his skin ») said French writer Paul Valery, who maliciously added « en tant qu’il se connaît » (« as far as he knows himself »)

There are two persons in the team of Ars dans la peau (which means in french : Art in the Skin) : Cecile & Olivia. Two complementary minds, who work wih a boundless energy. Around this main core are gathered beautiful and rich personalities nurturing their own field of expertise. Together, we care to create new concepts and to question the existing, always targeting the excellence from a qualitative as well as a semantic point of view, and in the service of the widest audience possible. This is what drives us forward everyday !

About us

« Si les modes passent, le style est éternel » [« Fashion is transient, Style is for ever »] according to Yves Saint Laurent

Transmission and sharing

Passionate about various universes and notably by the mecanism of creativity and transmission, we wish to create simple and playful concepts in order to invite art in your daily life

Diversified skills

Our little team is composed of varied competences. Photogravure, strong knowledge in general culture, graphism, illustration, motion design…we will always strive for innovation to answer your requests

Product quality

All our parteners are located in France and they especially care for a manufacturing process that is adapted to your needs. Our pins are made in small quantities in workshops. Tattoos are in compliance with cosmetic norms RIPT, IN-USE and FDA approved. Soaps are 100% composed of vegetal oil

Constant adaptation

You have precise and unusual requests ? We can do anything in terms of visual and editorial personalization

Le processus créatif

Our creative process


Your demand

We target your needs, identify your objectives and your wishes


Our brainstorm

We elaborate a strategy closely adapted to your expectations


Research & knowledge

Generalists and curious, we call on specialists for every topic and biography of emblematic characters


Visual expression

We look for the most representative visual expression, or we take our inspiration from your own elements. We also work with young and strongly promising artists, with various styles thay may bring some unexpected enhancements to the final result.

Our Nursery of Artists

  • Viktor Vukasinovic


    Independant typographer and graphist, Viktor Vukasinovic is infatuated for the Letter and its applications. From the drawing of typographic characters, to unique lettering, including the creation of logotypes, Viktor managed to captivate and to transform his taste for the alphabet into a profession. He also nurtures, in his workshop of Porte Latine, a globale practice of the creation of visual identities, websites…

  • Cécile Harleaux


    Born in 1988 in a family of (hypersensitive) artistes, Cécile is basically a photographer who developed a love for atypical supports, and enjoys sharing with other what she learns from her insatiable curiosity. Ever inspired, she aspires to rich turns of phrases, anecdotes, rhymes and mind games. Het motto : Humour and beauty will save the world She regularly writes texts for projects or artistsin order to efficiently synthetise informations. In a more poetical way, word can heal the world. They must sing and vibrate in us to enlight new worlds out of our imagination.

  • Lisa Balavoine


    Lisa Balavoine was born in 1974 in Amiens. She is teacher-librarian and writer. After making thrre wonderful children, Lisa Balavoine started to write every day a few notes and short stories and, in 2018, it all became novel, Eparse (JC Lattès), the portrait of a woman composed of fragments and chosen moments. She then wrote a novel for teenagers, Un garçon c’est presque rien (Rageot, 2020), whch questions the codes of masculinity and modern youth. She also published short stories in the literary magazine Décapage, and musical reviews for the website Section26 or the project Ecoutons nos pochettes, because, beside loving littérature, Lisa Balavoine is also a huge indie pop fan.

  • Laurent Van Eslande


    Laurent Van Elslande has always lived in Amiens and has been a philosophy teacher at the Lycée d'Abbeville (Somme) for a few decades, and more occasionally at the University of Picardie. His passions are philosophy and diving, teaching and travelling, music and people, politics and beauty, science and rum, cinema and friendship, culture and nature. In addition to miles of courses, he has written a few articles on subjects as homogeneous as secularism, earthquakes, bioethics or Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine.

  • Pauline di Valentin


    Born in 1990 in Amiens, Pauline makes ink drawings on paper showing lost architectures in a luxurious flora. She studied graphism at Auguste Renoir (Paris) and then at ESAD (Reims). Her drawings are widely inspired from movies et photographs, and are conceived as freeze frames. The architectures and insides include objects or plants that takes us sometimes to Italy, some other times to Japan, or at times to California. What materialize in these drawings are feelings, desires, memories to which are related colors, landscapes, places, objects and characters.

  • Olivia Giboz


    Endowed with a childhood full of visual and sonic works, and with a highly diversified student education, Olivia blossoms in the fields of art as much as teaching. She enjoys exploring various mediums, from pastels to ceramic, including pencils. Nothing makes her happy more than playing with colors. She especially appreciate artistical collaborations with others : musicians, poets, illustrators…as long as the will to create is present !

  • Vincent Jeannerot


    For over thirty years, Vincent Jeannerot's original botanical watercolors have conveyed the emotion he feels when he paints nature in its smallest details. Vincent paints the pure and natural beauty of life, with its balanced tones and shades, awakening our own emotions. He participates in national and international exhibitions and also teaches in his own gallery, located in Lyon (France), his hometown. He is invited to teach his botanical art internationally in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Russia, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Born on February 12, 1961 in Lyon, France.

  • Éric Castille


    Eric Castille was born in nthe last centuries, just 4 years before the first step of a man on the moon. His grandparents had bought their first television set on this occasion. Growing up, he enjoyed spending his summer evenings looking at the sky for hours. But, like those who were qualified as the first men of science from the Renaissance, he was consumed by curiosity. Far from comparing himself to these out-of-the box thinkers, he considers himself simply as an autodidact Jack-of-all-trades. He is fond of geology, zoology and paleontology, and has been dreaming from childhood, just like everybody, to meet the giant dinosaurs who reigned upon earth long before mankind was even a project in the vast schemes of the Universe. History is he ultimate area of interest. Maybe he wanted to bring some order in this scattered mass of knowledge with the purpose of answering this existential question : who are we ?

  • Soizic Bihel


    Born in Normandy a few years ago, Soizic was led to live here and there until she finally settled in Picardy. She has fallen in love with illustration thanks to a life ever surrounded by images, and ended up taking her own pencils to draw portraits of personalities that matter to her. She enjoys breaking the classic side of her strokes by bringing pop elements in the image, by using quirky patterns and vivid colours.

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